These days it seems I talk about Verizon a lot; at least in other spaces. Below you’ll see a video I did comparing Verizon FiOS to Time Warner, which is my most popular video to date. In the meantime, I’ve got something else to talk about that involves them. It might be the same with […]

The majority of all crime is about leaving the opportunity open to a criminal. And it may sound harsh, but that does mean you are responsible for your own property and how you plan to secure it. You do not want to leave that opportunity open to a burglar. Of course the first issue that […]

The 2012 shopping season is fast approaching, but this year you will be prepared for the holiday season. On the day after Thanksgiving, as the nation prepares for the Black Friday predawn bargain shopping at malls, department stores and online, join the masses with an extra weapon. Transform your smart phone into a personal finance […]