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Here’s another topic I’d have sworn I’d written about, which I’m now realizing I haven’t, and it’s important enough to bring up for those folks who might be thinking about it. In general, short selling is the act of selling one’s home for less than what it’s worth. There are a few reasons one might […]

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on an impending problem, that being a collapse of the commercial real estate market. Well, in today’s CNN Money report, there’s a story talking about luxury hotels starting to default on loans, and how that could spell disaster for the travel and vacation industry. I can’t say I’m […]


By now, everyone knows that the housing market has been bad. Even here, I’ve talked about the problem with the housing market. It’s now time to get ready for the next danger; the commercial real estate market is also on the verge of collapse. That’s what came from a report by the Joint Economic Committee, […]

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