Almost everyone in the United States has heard of the Better Business Bureau. I’m not sure if they’re anywhere else other than the U.S. and Canada, so this may not apply anywhere else. What most of us know about them is that they’re there to evaluate complaints against businesses by consumers and put out a […]

In another anomaly that just freezes my mind, WalMart has decided to close their Sam’s Club outlets across the country, which is going to eliminate nearly 11,000 jobs. At the same time that’s happening, their stock price actually went up .2%. If you believe WalMart, they’re not actually shedding jobs, at least not all of […]

Finally some good news for retailers after last year’s fiasco which saw many retail chains close their doors. This year’s holiday season was much better, even with what seemed to be light traffic. The retail industry was up 2.9% from last year, more on the strength of watching expenses and being more selective with inventory, […]

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