We keep hearing about people getting scammed out of their money by some strange means. The latest involves people getting calls from who they think is the IRS demanding money and immediate payments, and some people are actually paying them; sigh… Digimist via Compfight Truth be told, almost everyone has what I like to call […]

I pay a number of my bills online, and I also get a lot of notifications through email telling me when the new bill has been generated. Sometimes the bill tells me how much I owe. So you can imagine my surprise when an email came telling me that I owed Verizon more than $1,000 […]

The economy is slowly improving and that’s a good thing. This doesn’t mean people aren’t always looking for the next opportunity to make more money, or even to go into a career working for themselves. As someone who does work for himself and wrote a piece on reasons why and why not to work from […]

I tell you, I hate people who target the elderly just to make a buck. In this case, I’m talking about my mother, who’d probably want to kill me if she knew I referred to her as “elderly”, but she’s over 70 so it fits. I just finished talking to her on the phone, and […]


I know I’m not the only one who’s seen this commercial on TV late at night. This company called Cash4Gold tells people to send them your gold and they’ll send you back money at higher prices than you could get at your local jeweler, or whomever you’d think about taking your gold and jewels to […]

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