A few months ago I talked about TSA PreCheck and the convenience of having it if you travel a lot, even if it’s not a money saving proposition. This time around we’re going to look at upgrading your flight arrangements to see if it’s worth doing so monetarily. Martin J. Gallego. Siempre enredando via Compfight […]

Travel insurance is among the most necessary things that we need to consider before planning a trip. Very often, when we plan to travel abroad, we tend to neglect the opportunity that something can go wrong. We all prefer to think that we will get to our final destination without any problems. Well, lets be […]

I’ve been traveling a lot lately for work. A few weeks ago I stayed in a 5-star hotel in New Orleans that was pretty good… for the most part. The room wasn’t all that big, my view from the 29th floor wasn’t all that great as the hotel was only 2 blocks away from a […]

It’s that time again – the time during which your mind begins to wander while at work and you start thinking about finding some shade on some exotic beach and stretching out in a hammock with a cold beverage in your hand. by Bryce Edwards via Flickr Truth is, if you have not started planning […]

Before so many people had their own cars, buses were right there with trains as the most preferred method of travel. It’s decreased in popularity to a degree but is now starting to make a comeback as a viable part of transportation if one needs to get out of town economically. Still, there are pros […]

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