On this blog we’ve addressed the topic of home warranties a couple of times, with the other post talking about the pros and cons of having one. We’ve never addressed warranties in general until now. Thomas Hawk via Compfight For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a warranty, often called an extended warranty, offers […]

Those of us that have homes know that at any moment one of our appliances could go. One of my wife’s friends this weekend had her electric stove decide to commit suicide, strangely enough the day after the original warranty had run out. Now she’s faced with having to find the money to buy a […]

Everyone I know hates this process. You decide to go get a new cellphone or smartphone and head to a retailer. It takes them an hour to help you pick out what you want, decide on the contract, sign all the papers, transfer phone numbers, and let you be on your way. It’s an ugly […]