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Small businesses in the US are the bread and butter of innovation; Good news for small businesses also often means good news for the country and local communities alike. While starting a business may appeal strongly to the entrepreneurial American spirit, how are start-ups and smaller businesses faring in the uncertain economic climate? One leading […]

A couple of weeks ago a small protest started in New York City with a few folks protesting outside of the New York Stock Exchange building. They were protesting against Wall Street; actually, that’s not quit accurate. They were protesting against the financial problems the world is suffering and, I guess, they figured it was […]

Of course everyone saw this coming after NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed suit against them in November, but Intel can’t be feeling good this morning after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finally filed an antitrust lawsuit against them for engaging in what they’re calling anti-competitive practices. In essence, it’s the same thing that Cuomo […]

Last week, it was announced that there was a potential debt default risk by Dubai World to the tune of $60 billion. It sent stock markets around the world into a frenzy as worries about their request to restructure their debt in the face of the current economy meant they were in a little bit […]

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