Man, it seems all I’m doing these days is talking about things Citigroup is doing. Unfortunately, this time it’s hitting really close to home.

On Saturday, my wife got a letter from Citigroup saying they were jacking up her interest rate from 16.99% to 29.99% effective in November. She can close the card before November 30th to lock in the rate, but she’ll have to cancel the credit card to do it.

Instead, she says she’d rather pay off the card and keep it in reserve until she definitely needs it, then work on paying it off every month when the new bill comes in. It’s probably manageable, as she only has $400 available on the card to begin with, but man, did I see this coming.

Actually, no I didn’t, because I forgot she had a Citi card. But I saw it coming across the board, especially after posting that big loss last week. I think I also wrote somewhere around here that I couldn’t remember why I hated these people so much; with what they just did to my wife, now I remember.

At this point, the only big credit card I have is with American Express; I think they’re done picking on me for the time being. It feels like a marathon trying to get to December before new rules kick in, that’s for sure. We can all only hope for the best at this point.