In this unstable economy, no one knows what will become of the US dollar. We all know that as of right now its value is at an all time low, and continuing this decline. However, are there other commodities that will be worth something when everything else has crashed? The good news is, yes, there are. Gold is something that will always hold value. You will never have to worry about your investment going to pot if it is spent on gold. There are several reasons for this but one is that, no matter what gold prices are now, they will not be the same tomorrow, or the day after that.

Gold Prices Fluctuate

This is one of the reasons people tend to avoid collecting gold, rather investing their portfolio in other things. However, this is a very flawed way of thinking and here is why; gold prices go down, but they also go up. If you are to buy, let us say $2000 in gold right now, there is a good chance in a year it could be worth $20,000! While it is true that you might have to sit on your gold until the prices go up, we know that at this moment in time the value of gold is soaring.

Collect Gold Bars and Coins

So, what is the best kind of gold to collect, and where do you get it? Any gold is fine, but if you want to be a true collector, and investor of this precious metal, the best suggestion is to purchase coins and bars that are solid in weight. You can buy tiny, light pieces if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money at one time. However, over a significant period you will find yourself with a very good collection, if you budget yourself just right. There are hundreds of places, which sell gold bars and coins, and a simple Google search will suffice in finding them.

A Smarter Investment

Financial investment systems crash all the time. We see the stock market crash, we see forex traders lose everything, but one thing that we do not see is gold leading to the financial ruin of the investor. Over all, if you have joined the masses who are worried about what to do with their money, you might seriously consider collecting gold, of any kind at all.

Bre Anderson is a freelance writer and student at California State University, Long Beach where she is studying to receive her degree in Business Administration and Finance.

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