Well, it’s about time.

We’ve been following the story about black farmers and native American farmers who weren’t being paid settlements they’d been awarded by the Agriculture Department. I’ve written about it more than a few times.

Finally this past Tuesday the House passed a bill awarding $1.15 billion to black farmers and $3.4 billion for native American farmers. The Senate had already passed the bill, so now it goes to President Obama for his signature.

This is a major step forward, yet it seems things aren’t over. For instance, not only has the government still not gotten to the settlement with Latino farmers, but it turns out there’s another one still out there for women farmers; man, if you weren’t white or male it seems you didn’t have a chance to get financing from anyone for awhile there.

I’m glad it’s finally over, but I’m still irked that there were some Republicans who still feel this was an extortion plot to try to win votes. For those idiots not to see an injustice finally being taken care of scares me for what’s potentially coming with the 2011 Congress. At least, for once, there was some bipartisan collaboration to get this pushed through.