Well, this was an unexpected event.

Last weekend my wife and I went to the Verizon store to get new smartphones. While we were waiting to be seen, we were approached by a couple of representatives talking about their Fios program, which offers phone, internet and phone. Most of the time I tell people I’m happy with my service, but this time I told them I’d listen to their offer.

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I have to admit, it sounds like a great offer when compared to what we have now with cable. However, I had one of my wife’s phrases running in the back of my mind: “Oh wait, there’s more.”

Sure enough, there was more. The upfront offer was spectacular. Now it was time for everything else. If we wanted DVR services it was either $14.99 a box or we could get the package where you can get 3 boxed for $30, which includes the $15 service that allows you to record on a main box but watch those programs on any TV’s that have a box.

Then there was the TV programs package, of which they had 4. My wife has one channel in particular that she almost exclusively watches. It turns out that package was on their 3rd highest tier, which of course means the price went up even more. Sure, it also means we get a lot of premium paid subscriptions channels like Showtime and Cinemax, channels we never really watched that much before. It also turned out that it didn’t cover the one channel I’m known to watch here and there, HBO. However, they threw in a 65% discount for 12 months; I couldn’t object much to that.

All still seemed like it would be fine, and we’d still be saving a pretty penny. And yet, “Oh wait, there’s more” was still in my mind. I knew something else was coming.

And it did, but this I wasn’t expecting. The lady then said that if we were interested in exploring it further they would have to do a credit check on us. That caught me off guard; a credit check to get a service?

I had to think about it. Not that I was worried about my credit but I was weighing whether this was all really worth it. I decided it was and gave them my home phone number, which is already associated with the company. Then they said that they had to check my wife’s credit instead because, even though my name is on the home phone, her name is on the wireless account and hers was the newer account.

That made no sense but my wife agreed, and we passed easily. It was still a bit irritating to have to do it, especially when initially they were getting ready to put it all under her name and she didn’t want that. However, smarter heads prevailed, not only because my name was on the main account but because we decided to add a second line.

In the end… this coming week we should have the service installed, and in the long run we’ll be saving about $100 a month from both the cable service and the phone we already have being rolled into this package, as it had gone up to just over $65 monthly from the $32 it was just 3 years ago; they blamed it on taxes.

One final thing. All of this stuff takes time to do; you might as well be buying a car on credit for as long as it takes. But I only had to sign one piece of paper; I guess that’s something…

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