I have to tell you, these days I’m getting more wary about the insurance people I talk to, including the people who supposedly represent me. Sometimes I’m just not sure what they’re saying, or whether I believe them to be representing me more than they’re representing themselves.

Here’s my story. Since 1997, after I got married, we have had at least 7 different insurance people. The first guy we haven’t seen in about 7 or 8 years now; I have no idea what’s going on there. I dropped my policy with his company, but my wife still has hers. Strange that we haven’t heard from him, though, since we used to see him twice a year.

The second person was through the union my wife was a part of when she worked at a different place. They sold us on a policy where we didn’t have to do any health tests, with promises of big benefits if something happened to me. Those assertions turned out not to be true, and for what we were paying if anything had happened to either of us we’d only have gotten $15,000; sham!

The third person was a friend of my wife’s, and my wife trusted her a lot. I liked her, but was never sure what she was telling me. In the end, I’m not sure if what she set up for us was legitimate or not, mainly because, later on, it seems that we learned what we thought would happen wasn’t going to happen.

The fourth person we never got to meet. My wife’s friend got out of the business, and we got a letter stating there was someone new who was going to be taking over our account. We never heard from that person, and I met someone at a networking meeting I thought was friendly and asked her to take over for us.

She was person number five, and she was nice. She was the one who first told us that what we thought we had we probably didn’t have. That didn’t sit well with us, but she was also the person who wanted more money from us, which also didn’t sit well. At that point, you’re just not sure what you believe or not.

At least we saw her a few times, but that didn’t last. For some reason, we had an appointment scheduled with her and her husband showed up instead; he was person number six. He was the first person who actually explained how investing worked so that I understood it, even though that’s not what he was hear for. Or rather, it’s not the reason we asked him to come, though he did try to get us to invest with him. But I already had someone else, so that didn’t happen. He was supposed to come back to see us in three week’s time, but we never saw nor heard from either him or his wife again. Later we heard both had left the company.

Finally there’s guy number seven. He’s who we have now, and I’m not sure I trust him. When he came, he came with someone else, who did half the talking; that was weird. They came in wondering why none of the information they had on us matched the policies we had, until I remembered eventually that the reason the other guy was supposed to come back was to give us an updated policy. This guy said he’d be back in three weeks to finally give us our updated policy.

We finally see him this coming Thursday, six months after he was supposed to show up. Yup, we never heard from him until a couple of months ago, when we got a letter saying he’s lost our phone number and had forgotten about us, and asked if we could call him. Let’s see, his company has our policy, he had our address because he could write us, but no where in the records was our phone number, which we haven’t changed in 10 years? Not only that but my premium went up in November, even though I’m being told that my policy will expire when I turn 70 if I’m still alive and I won’t get anything from it?

I know a little bit more now about life insurance policies, yet it seems I don’t know enough as it pertains to me and my wife. If I don’t know it, then how could people who aren’t in the game understand it any better? It’s hard to find someone you can trust, and I’m not sure I trust my guy right now. However, on Thursday, I hope to ask some tough questions about things, and the answers had better be illuminating in a positive fashion, otherwise we might be moving to insurance person number eight.

How are you doing with your insurance person?