Trust me, I’m not hating on anyone, especially after how good I feel about yesterday and the inauguration of Barack Obama. However, this question has to be asked, and I guess it comes down to me to ask it.

On the heels of the turmoil at Citigroup, of whom I’ve never been a big fan of, the news came out today that Robert Parsons, the former CEO of Time Warner, and someone who was considered one of the top CEOs in the country, will now be the chairman of the board of Citigroup.

Now, in this case, Parsons does have some background in banking. Before beciming Time Warner’s CEO and chairman, Parsons was chief executive and chairman of Dime Bancorp, a thrift bank, in the early 1990s. Parsons was also an economic adviser on President Barack Obama’s transition team. So he has some chops. But he has been out of banking for a very long time, and at this critical time when Citigroup is getting beaten up almost every day and is in the process of splitting in two, wouldn’t you have thought that they’d have wanted to bring in someone with more current experience in the banking world?

This happens often in the corporate world. Many CEOs move to businesses where they don’t have a background, but were CEOs, so it’s just expected that they’ll bring whatever skills are needed to the job. That doesn’t always work with people who have the experience in the business, so when it pertains to this issue, how would these people be expected to be better, or even legitimately good, without a lot of help?

Actually, I’m going to answer that one, though I’m going to use a much different example. The truth is that no one is ever trained to become president of the United States either, and yet someone is always elected. Some presidents have succeeded, but many have faltered, and badly. Not everyone has had government training before ascending to the presidency, but some have had more leadership training than others. The truth standard of being a top leader isn’t always knowing all the ins and outs of a business as much as having enough leadership skills to know who to pick that you trust, that you know will give you the best they have, and that you’ve selected quality people who, hopefully, know more than you do about a certain topic so that you have a chance to succeed and make the proper decisions.

So, I’m waiting for my call to become CEO of a major company. I’m already CEO of my own organization, even if my business consists of only myself. I’m ready to take over and make you money; call me!