Prepaid cards have and continue to become a popular form of spending for many. They are especially attractive for individuals who have found themselves in financial hardships and have either been unable to open a bank account or be approved for a credit card. Some prepaid cards have also been a top choice among parents who want to give their teens a form of spending that is easier to track and control than a credit card.

Once an individual has made the decision to use a prepaid card for their in-store, online, or over the phone purchases the next big choice is which prepaid card is the right one for them. Most prepaid cards offer the same spending power and comparable features and fees. However, in order to set themselves apart and be more attractive to consumers, several reloadable cards have also begun to offer rewards programs.

Rewards programs associated with prepaid cards can vary from earning cash back into your account to earning points for future purchases. The way these rewards are earned also varies from card to card, including simply using your card to make purchases or referring a friend to sign up for the same card.

If you are in the market for a prepaid card below you will find some information about just a few of the cards that offer a rewards program.

AccountNow Card – The rewards offered by AccountNow are based on a Purchase Rewards Program. In order to earn cash back cardholders log into their account to find special offers at specified retailers. Once that offer is activated by the user and they shop at that place they automatically earn cash back into their AccountNow account. There is no limit on the amount you can earn back and the offers are individually chosen for you based on your spending habits.

BuyRight Card – When you use the BuyRight Card to make purchases the rewards you earn come in the form of points. Every dollar spent equals 1 point and those points can be used to make prepaid wireless purchases such as airtime, ring tones, music downloads, or long distance calling cards. The points are unlimited and they never expire.

UPside Card – UPside’s reward program is also based on earning points. Unlike other rewards, however, you can earn points not just for spending but for participating in other activities with your card. For example if you activate your new card online you can earn 500 points, while signing up for direct deposit earns you 1000 points. People who use a prepaid cell phone can benefit from having this card by earning a point for every $3 they spend on their prepaid service.

While UPside cardholders do not earn reward points on all of the purchases they make they can earn points for shopping online at merchants in the UPside Mall. The points they earn from all of these transactions can then be turned into cash which goes directly into their account for future spending.

Wired Plastic Card – The rewards program associated with this card is an extremely simply one. Cardholders earn 1 point in their account for every $1 they spend. In most cases when using their card at checkout users need to choose a credit transaction as opposed to a debit transaction in order to earn the points.

The points that are earned automatically show up in the cardholder’s account and they can then be used to make purchases of prepaid wireless airtime from services such as Verizon, TracFone, or AT&T. When making a purchase with points if the customer does not have enough points to cover the balance it will be paid with cash from their Wired Plastic account.

These are just a few of the many prepaid cards that offer a rewards program for merely making purchases with your card, which you would do every day anyway. So when you are considering a prepaid card application make sure you check for one of these programs, why not be rewarded for spending you own money?

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