This may not be big news to most people in America, but Great Britain has pretty much decided that, instead of going with the Euro as most of Europe has, they’re going to be sticking with the pound and the rest of their currency for at least the time being.

Not that anyone I know ever thought Britain would ever go through with it, but right now, the pound is getting beaten up because of the economy, and, supposedly, there’s no way they could get a proper or fair valuation if they had wanted to go the route of the euro, which of course they didn’t.

We’ve heard about how there are fewer billionaires around the world than there were in 2008, but in Britain, they’ve dropped about 40% of their billionaires from a year ago, going from 73 to 45. Not a large figure overall, but in percentages that’s a pretty significant figure. Lucky for the Royals, the Duke of Westminster is still third on the list at 6.5 billion pounds, but don’t go looking for Queen Elizabeth, who, despite sitting on some of the most expensive baubles and property in the world, doesn’t get credit for any of it and, that means she and her family have to live on a paltry $430 million; that’s not fair (sarcasm turning off).

Oddly enough, Britain’s laws are allowing one group of entrepreneurs to continue moving up the list, and that’s online gambling site owners. Of course, that’s not allowed in America, which, even as I write this, is working on legislation to remove the gambling tag from poker sites, which will help this country keep more of its money here.

Of course, North America would never consider having one currency for its nations,… or would it? No, but here’s a brief clip for your consideration. Personally, I think it’s garbage, but I want to be somewhat fair minded and give it an airing. There’s a much longer video, but I think this will suffice: