The economy is slowly improving and that’s a good thing. This doesn’t mean people aren’t always looking for the next opportunity to make more money, or even to go into a career working for themselves. As someone who does work for himself and wrote a piece on reasons why and why not to work from home, I feel qualified enough to talk about working from home scams.

Some time ago I wrote about home medical billing and why it might be a scam. It’s not that some people might not make a career out of it but overall it’s not going to happen; read the article to learn why. That’s actually one of the safer scams out there, which is scary when you think about it.

There are scams that, on the surface, seem like they might be good deals. There’s the scams for travel agent sites; there’s the scam for something like Ambit Energy. Not that maybe these things don’t have products that might work but the reality is that the market is flooded with people that are buying travel agency templates or signing up to sell these products and there’s a price point at which the only people making any money are those at the top. If you have to put in full time work on a part time job to make less than your kid makes bagging groceries at your local market, in my view it’s a scam.

Investing sounds like a nice safe thing doesn’t it? For many people it is unless the stock market is crashing, like it was late in 2008 and early in 2009 when it almost hit 6,500 and the stock market has its worst month in history. Very few people buy their own shares. They go through a broker of some kind that invests their money for them, and then reports on what’s going on.

If it looks like you’re bringing in too much money too quickly, you need to really question your broker as to what’s going on and why. Just last week we heard of another Ponzi scheme, only this time it involved an Amish community in Ohio. Once again the rates being quoted were way higher than the regular market, and of course it all came crumbling down and a lot of people lost a lot of money. As always, if it looks too good it probably is, even if it’s in your favor; you need to question everything, research everything. With the internet there’s no excuse for not doing your research.

If you’re doing your research, you won’t fall for the envelopes scam either; as I said, everyone’s after your money.

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