I don’t always note whenever I reach a milestone, and in this case it might seem a little odd that I’m noting post #799 instead of post #800. I accept guest posts on this blog and, because sometimes I have them way in advance, I’m not always keeping up with the number of posts there are. In this case there’s already a post scheduled after this one that, because I’ve already notified the person that their post will go out on that date, and because I moved another post up, would mean I’d have to wait an extra week so my post would be #800, and that would also mean only one post this week; didn’t want to do that.

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The mission of this blog is to tackle financial news, information and commentary. In the last 100 posts there’s been only a little bit of news and a little bit of commentary, and I wrote all of those posts. Overall, most posts are on the topics of insurance, investing and housing; that kind of makes sense. There are also a lot of posts on saving money and budgeting; those are important things for personal finance.

There can always be more but overall the goal has been sustained,and it will continue. This blog will continue accepting guest posts on financial issues, but there has been some changes, most of them not from me. A few more people are reading the guest posting policy; I appreciate that.

However, we’re also receiving more emails from sources asking us to remove links, either from comments or links that were added by the writers as well. Frankly that’s irritating but we do it; we just don’t always inform those folks that we’ve done it. Also, I’ve been a bit more diligent in finding the time to remove the links from those authors who haven’t followed the guest posting policy & responded to comments; after all, this blog is really for those who read it and have commentary or questions, and they deserve responses for taking the time to write something here; we appreciate all of you and hope you continue visiting.

When all is said and done this blog doesn’t make a lot of money; very little actually. We’re always looking for advertisers and investors, and we’ll always have some type of products on the site; we deserve to make some money as well because it’s time consuming running a blog of this kind. The content is quality stuff; we don’t accept anything that’s not top notch.

With that said, we’re highlighting 9 articles from this period that were considered as the best of the lot for the period, which was about 7 months. As a disclaimer, the articles to the left in the top 5 are still the top 5 articles overall in visits for this time period; that’s saying a lot. I also want to make a special mention of another writer of content for this blog, Joshua Rodriguez, who has one feature article a month, the first Wednesday, and his stuff is fabulous; he has two of the articles listed below. We hope you continue visiting Top Finance Blog and hope that you’ll give the articles below another look:

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