This coming Sunday, I will be interviewed by Beverly Mahone of Boomer Diva Nation fame on her Blog Talk Radio program at 7PM; you can access it by going here. The topic of that program will be “Reinventing Yourself Thru Your Passion“, of which it seems I’ve become a master at.

This becomes really important in light of how the economy, especially lost jobs, seems to be going. Last week I wrote an article here asking if this was the worst January in history, and I posted some statistics. Well, new statistics show that unemployment is up to 7.6%, and in January there were 598,000 jobs lost. If that’s not the worst January in history, I’d need someone to tell me when we’ve had it worse.

Here’s the thing, though. All the people who are being laid off probably have other ways to try to generate income. I had a friend years ago who was unemployed for 18 months. I made a suggestion to him that he use some of his talents to find a way to possibly work for himself, even if it was only temporarily. No matter how much we talked, he just couldn’t see himself doing anything on his own like that. It’s one of the faults of American culture; people are told to go to college, get a nice paying job with benefits, and that’s all they get locked into.

In Loral Langemeier’s book The Millionaire Makericon, she talks about people that she’s helped get their budgets under control, while at the same time helping them figure out ways of generating new income to help pay their debt down faster. In a few of those cases, a person would realize, with her help, that they did have some other skills that they could employ, and those skills ended up generating more income than their regular jobs, which they eventually left after getting out of trouble.

I’d recommend you first read Before You Quit Your Jobicon by Robert Kiyosaki, which will help you answer some questions and put some plans into place before you break away. And, for a total change in mindset, I would recommend you read Rich Dad, Poor Dadicon, also by Robert Kiyosaki. By the way, all of these are links to reviews of these books first, and there you can find links to the books if you decide to purchase them; how’s that for marketing?

It becomes imperative in today’s world for everyone to give thoughts to finding ways to generate income outside of a regular job, even if it’s only supplemental. If you’re having problems figuring it out on your own, ask someone for help, whether it’s a friend or a professional. I’m one of those professionals, and I’m already ready to have that conversation with you.

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