There was one major surprise that came from the health care bill being sponsored by Senator Max Baucus of Montana, and it’s the one thing that could scuttle the entire bill. It wasn’t the price tag of $856 billion either.

It was the provision that stated if people didn’t buy into it, they would be fined. Individuals would be fined $950, families would be fined $3,000.

What the heck? I know anyone who read this had to feel blindsided. This isn’t what anyone was expecting to come out of a health care plan that was intended to take care of people who couldn’t afford it. Oh yeah, if you can prove you can’t afford it, you won’t have to pay the fine, but in a backdoor way, you just hit the middle class, who were the major group that didn’t have any health care, the folks the bill was really for in the first place. In essence, they’d be paying for health care, whether it’s $3,000 or some other figure, which I’ve been unable to find, whether they wanted it or not.

And that’s not all. I don’t really have much of a problem hitting up insurance companies with surcharges, although we all know they’d just pass it on to the rest of us. I do mind that the bill would also hit up hospitals, which in many states are non-profits and are already paying out money to the states through a series of surcharges (since non-profits aren’t supposed to be taxed, they came up with “surcharge” to get around it), while at the same time still planning on reducing reimbursements of both Medicare and Medicaid.

Nope, I hate this bill, and from what I’m reading, a lot of Democratic senators also hate this bill. What could this guy be thinking, putting out a bill that, for lack of a better word, penalizes people in this fashion? This may be one time where many Democrats and Republicans will join in agreement in the Senate, at least the first time I can think of since President Obama has been in office.

How would you like your health care? Not like this.