Last year around this time I wrote a post titled A Plan For Turning The Economy Around. In that post, I gave five things I thought could help:

no more tax breaks

move up the implementation of the credit card legislation

firm up credit criteria

have a plan for the bailout plan

help the states

Unfortunately, only one of those seems to have been addressed in any way, that being the first one, although that’s kind of dicey because we did get some kind of stimulus check from the government didn’t we? Well, I’m not someone who gives up just because no one listened to me the first time. So I’m gonna try to give five ideas that might help to spur the economy. It will be interesting to see if I get any comments on this one, and what they might be.

First, encourage the states to start taking care of their infrastructure. Construction and repair jobs definitely help to stimulate the economy, and every state in the union has areas that are in disrepair and need to be renovated in some fashion. Since the federal government doesn’t need all that money to bail out companies anymore, they should come up with a calculation and start spreading some of that money out to the states so that the states can help at least the larger cities start preparing some of their infrastructure. It’s well known that construction projects create more jobs than just those to work on the projects. Money starts to flow freely and easily, a lot of small businesses start to crop up, and as neighborhoods both commercial and residential start to improve, other businesses come into the area and they create jobs. And, unfortunately, it’s going to take more than $20 billion to get it done.

Second, encourage training programs that teach people skills that every body else needs to utilize. They never seem to be enough plumbers, electricians, or people who just know how to fix stuff. I’ve been hearing that there aren’t enough qualified welders for some manufacturers, so maybe that’s an area where there could be more training. While they’re at it, they can also set up something to train people how to do home businesses. It’s hard to believe that there are so many people who still have no idea how to use a computer,and if this country is to ever regain its forward momentum again that just has to stop.

Third, change up the mortgage loan modification program so that it can help way more current homeowners than it did. In my opinion, the government didn’t do nearly enough in trying to encourage banks to work with homeowners who were suddenly fighting these loans that should have been considered illegal to begin with and being able to keep up with their home payments. Not only should these banks and lenders have been made to work and approve more of these people, but there should not have ever been an option to do temporary modifications.

These banks knew what they were doing to people over the course of the last 20 years, and enough banks closed and enough are still tenuous that it behooves everybody to come up with a way so that at least everyone who still has a job but is having trouble paying their mortgage can stay in their homes. And while you’re at it, make sure that anyone who goes through any of these loan modification programs and refinancing programs does not take a negative hit on their credit scores.

Fourth, most of you already know how I feel about credit scores. The other day I’m reading a blog where a guy stated that he had paid off his home loan three months earlier, and checked his credit score to find out that it had actually dropped. It seems that it’s now a bad thing not all anybody money, and it makes you less credit worthy because supposedly since you’re not making regular payments anymore your credit worthiness can’t be verified. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.

So, revamp the entire credit rating industry, especially credit scores, so that consumers are fairly rated across the board. While were at it, try to figure out a way to make the standards such that the three major credit rating services, and any others that might be out there, don’t all have different information about each one of us. I think it’s abysmal that one credit agency will have something out there saying that you haven’t paid something off, while another one will have information saying that you have paid something off. And it also needs to be easier for consumers to contact these agencies and get some satisfaction whenever they report that there’s something wrong that’s on their credit report.

Fifth, increased the tariffs on any American companies that have sent more than 50% of their workforce to other countries and are importing their products back to this country. I don’t believe those companies are feeling enough pain that makes them want to try to find better ways to streamline themselves and not take advantage of people in other countries by paying them way less money to do the same job that was being performed here in the United States.

I’ve always said that if they can be proven that work being done in other countries is better than what we have here, I’m all for outsourcing. But we haven’t seen that in either products or services that have been outsourced these other countries, and therefore the only reason it’s been done is to increase the profits of these companies at the expense of the American worker.

If you want to even lower that figure to 30% or 25%, and that only helps the American worker even more, but it’s something that has to be done. In any member of Congress who decided that they would not support that legislation would have to go back to their home districts and explain to people how come they did not support legislation that brought jobs back to America; I like to see anyone try to wiggle their way out of that.

There you are, my five ways that I believe the economy can be spurred. Go ahead, take your best shots at me and let me know why these will work.