Last December I wrote on Intel being sued by the Federal Trade Commission based on the sweetheart deal Dell was getting for using their chips in Dell computers. The suit against Intel is about to commence, but it seems Dell did a proactive move and decided to settle with the Securities and Exchange Commission to the tune of $100 million in fines. The reason for this is because they reported all that extra money coming from Intel as revenue, which of course helped improve their bottom line for investors, and that’s a major no-no. How any of this affects Intel long term no one can say, but this is the kind of corporate ugliness that makes us not trust large companies.

In April, I wrote about black farmers finally getting a deal with the government to pay them for long standing abuses that pretty much wrecked their lives. The last remaining piece of legislation was to pass the bill to pay for it. In May, I wrote a follow up to that, saying that they still hadn’t been paid, and that if Congress didn’t get a move on that the deal would expire and open the government back up to multiple individual lawsuits.

It seems that the government missed another opportunity to provide funding for this lawsuit when the house passed a war supplemental bill last week. The provision was in there, but it was scrapped to get the bill passed. I hate calling anyone out, but it seems one party in particular, in the Senate, is really against paying any money to black farmers; they sometimes go by the moniker “party of no”. The Senate minority leader is saying all the right things, yet it remains locked up and the bill will probably die without ever being voted on. I thank Tim for bringing me up to speed on the issue, since it didn’t make the headlines.