Home ownership is one of the biggest investments that people make in their lifetime. It is for this reason proper home maintenance is so important. Regular maintenance on a home ensures safety and preserves the beauty of the property, as well as prevents costly repairs. A well maintained home increases the resale value of the property and offers a peace of mind. Hiring a professional to repair things can cost a small fortune. If you would like to save money on maintenance tasks around the home, try making repairs and performing preventative maintenance yourself first.

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Preventative maintenance that you can do yourself without paying a professional is the best way to save money on costly repairs and may even minimize energy consumption. Properly maintaining your home reduces the potential for many major unexpected repairs. The following are examples of simple routine maintenance that every homeowner can do by themselves and not have to pay a professional to do it. Performing routine preventative maintenance now can save money both now and in the future. Regular home maintenance is the key to keeping your home in excellent condition and preserving the value of your property.

Do-It-Yourself Routine Maintenance That Can Save You Money

  1. The furnace filter traps allergens and dirt. A clean filter makes the system run efficiently and can increase the useful life of the furnace. Replace or clean permanent filters in your HVAC unit. For best results furnace filters should be replaced with a new one or cleaned every 30 days, especially during peak seasons. Additionally, check heat duct joints for leaks. If a leak is discovered use duck tape to seal it up.
  2. Check all indoor windows in the home for condensation and take action to correct by caulking edges or filling cracks. In addition, check all of the electrical outlets to ensure there are no drafts. If drafts are present, seal them by installing foam gaskets.
  3. Flush your garbage disposal with baking soda and hot water to clean and maintain.
  4. Inspect the caulking around showers, sinks and tubs. If any caulking is deteriorating, replace it.
  5. Frequently, homeowners overlooked the hot water tank when it comes to home maintenance. Sediments build up in the tank and it needs to be flushed. Simply placing a bucket under the valve spout and emptying the tank removes the sediment build up. This home maintenance task should be performed once every year. Furthermore, draining an additional gallon of water from the tank at least twice every year can save extra money by extending the life expectancy of the hot water tank.
  6. Cleaning the gutters on the home is an important and often neglected aspect of home maintenance. Gutters and downspouts should be cleared of debris and leaves, so that water flows away from the house. The ideal time of year to clean the gutters is in the spring. Cleaning out the gutters prevents potential overflow that causes possible flooding and leaks in the roof.
  7. Washing windows is a home maintenance task that is actually easy to do. A rubber window squeegee, like the type professionals use will make quick work of washing windows, yourself saving the money you would have spent hiring a professional window washer.

Help with Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance

Many online resources are available for the do-it yourselfer. For more tips and information on home maintenance you can do yourself, see http://homeguide123.com/article_directory/Home_Maintenance_Guide.html.

Get hands on advice for maintenance tasks, at http://www.nahb.org/reference_list.aspx?sectionID=124.

Preventative maintenance is the key in preventing small issues from becoming very big issues. Create and follow a maintenance schedule. Tackling home maintenance on a schedule will keep maintenance tasks from becoming overwhelming. For a maintenance schedule that is broken down by seasons and how-to tips to get started, see http://www.pbs.org/hometime/house/maintenance/main.htm.

Proper routine home maintenance is essential to retaining the value in your home. Exactly how important is it to perform preventative home maintenance on a regular schedule? A homeowner could easily lose up to 12 percent of the appraised value of the home if it shows a lack of preventative maintenance. While on the other hand regular home maintenance can actually increase the value of your home. Home maintenance is more than simply a chore; it can actually make you money. Furthermore, you can save money by preventing the costly repairs of tomorrow, today.

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