President Obama’s new budget is out, and the taxes portion of it is somewhat interesting. Part of me likes it; part of me wishes there were some other things in it.

What parts do I like? I like that the taxes on the wealthy are going up. Actually, that’s not totally accurate; they’re going back to the levels they used to be at before President Bush got in office.

I like that taxes on the middle class and those below are going down. However, I don’t know that getting an extra $800 a year is enough to really make much of a difference. By the way, the Republicans are saying taxes are going up for everyone; I’m not sure who’s right, since I haven’t read the entire budget, but I’m going to assume what I’ve read on both CNN and MSNBC isn’t lying to me. Anyway, lower taxes are always good, and I know that we can’t lower them too much because, let’s face it, the country needs that money to help fund the budget.

So, we’re going to tax the rich more, rich being defined as being over $250,000; that should prove to be interesting. Truthfully, I’m still shooting for that level on a more consistent basis; if I have it, I’ll share it!