While many people think that the Post Office is run by the US Government, the truth is that they only receive a no-compete clause for the delivery of letters. While they receive special treatment and several competitive licenses from Washington DC, they function as a non-profit jobs creation program and only make enough to fund operations.

With the advent of UPS and FedEx, the USPS saw a dramatic increase of competition but remained intact with their core mission to provide service to the American public. With the Internet taking over our communication needs, it is becoming nothing more than a quaint tradition to send important documents through mail.

In order to keep from bankruptcy, the Post Office is planning to make $2.1 billion in budget cuts in 2012. This will drastically reduce the level of service and the number of employees who work for the company. While it may seem like the Post Office doesn’t play a major role in our lives anymore, there are several things that could potentially happen because of the cuts.

Dependency on Online Payments

If you are still paying your bills with a check or money order every month, you are going to have to convert to online payment systems. With slower delivery times, your money may not be received and you could end up paying late fees. Switch over to services from Best Buy and Aurora Bank home loans in order to ensure your payments.

Higher Payroll Taxes

With the proposed budget cuts, the Post Office will be buying out remainders of contracts and forcing people to retire early. While they will fit most of the pensions and health care needs of the workers, increased Social Security and Medicare taxes could come out of your paycheck in order to pay retired workers.

Longer Pharmacy Lines

The prescription service Express Scripts relies on the Post Office to deliver medication to millions of Americans each day. While some of the prescriptions can wait a couple of days, some are vital and need to be handed out immediately. People will be lining up in droves to get their necessary prescriptions in time.

Altering Media Consumption Habits

If you use a service like Netflix, still read The New York Times, or subscribe to magazines, there is a good chance you will not receive your items on time. These companies are becoming increasingly digital and offering a diversified amount of content online. In order to get your media fix, consider subscribing online.

If you are going to use the Post Office your best bet, as always, is to plan ahead. Get to know their new delivery methods and make sure your documents are received on time. Remember that they are providing a service and it is ultimately your responsibility if something arrives late or even damaged.

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