Planning your move to a new home is always exciting, no matter if you are about to buy your first home, or simply moving out to a leased home or apartment. Thus, with the same loving care that you package your belongings to avoid movers breaking them, you should also consider how to protect them once you have placed them at the new place.

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Your Home is Your Castle, Your Possessions the Crown Gems

How many times have we heard that our home is our castle, but nobody really tells us that our belongings could be compared with the crown gems? They are often priceless for us regardless their real face value, real valuable personal assets. If you agree oftentimes is this way, then you must start protecting your gems before the move by doing a home inventory, jotting down all you have room by room. This way you can later file a claim to the moving company if something is lost.

Have You Thought of Renters Insurance?

One big mistake that you can make is moving out to a leased place with the confidence that the landlord’s home insurance will cover your possessions as well. Home insurance protects the landlord’s structure, but not the tenant’s belongings. Therefore, if you are moving to a leased property, you will need renters insurance. A renters insurance policy covers any damage, lose or burglary acts that could affect your belongings, besides protecting your guests paying for their medical expenses in the eventuality that they would suffer an accident while visiting, and protecting you from being sued as a result of such event.

At Home At Last!

Moving out is sometimes challenging, sometimes as easy as a piece of pie, but usually exhausting. Once you are at your new home, it is time to unpack. If you followed this advice, you must have at hand your inventory list. Go item by item in your list to verify that everything you packed is now there, was left in the old place, or find if it was lost or stolen. Movers often have their own guarantees so you can rest assured nothing has to be lost, broken and much less stolen, so check if you can claim for your possessions directly with them, or review the clauses in your renter’s insurance policy to see if the insurance company will pay. Based on this you will know how to proceed to get your missing items paid for or replaced.

More Ways To Protect Your Belongings

Like in medicine, prevention is better than the cure, so why should you wait for the irremediable when you can prevent it? An easy way to protect your possessions is sticking to this checklist:

* Keep all your valuables away from prying eyes Fragile items must be kept in safe places
* Revise your inventory at least once a month and when you add new items

Do not forget to update your renter’s insurance policy to get coverage for anything that your actual policy does not include, and always be alert of your surroundings to detect unusual movements. With all these tips, you can rest assured to have your belongings protected.

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