When the stock market was falling throughout 2008 and 2009, the one industry that kept growing was the healthcare market. Health care increased at least 2% while other industries were showing drastic losses. Why did health care do so well?

1. People continue getting sick.

It doesn’t matter whether the economy is going good or bad, people need health care services. Hospitals may not always be profitable, but those companies that supply hospitals usually continue doing well.

2. Pharmaceuticals are in constant demand.

The fastest rising maladies of many people in the United States are diabetes and high blood pressure. Many of these people need medications to help them gain control over these and other diseases. The demand doesn’t go down, and neither does the price.

3. Supplies are still needed to take care of patients.

Companies that make hospital supplies will continue making money because the demand for most supplies never goes down. And even if the best that happens is that the requests stay even, the price of supplies goes up, which means supply companies will usually continue making profits.

4. Hospitals are mandated to have continuing education for many of their technical and professional services.

Companies that offer training in those areas are consistently busy because of those regulations, as health care is one of the few industries that require constant training. Training can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how many hours a particular career deems necessary to maintain certification.