Personalities are usually being shown with the colors you want, the clothes you wear, your collections and the things you own. The choice of your car color can also impart a lot about your personality. Sometimes you want what you want when it comes to the color of your car, and even if it costs you more to order a car we all know that our favorite colors affect our moods in almost everything we have, including our cars.

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Below are some of the moods one might be reflecting based on the choice of the color of their cars. You might not save any money in getting it, but you’ll get what makes you feel good:

1. Black

If black is your favorite color and it also happens to be the color of your car whether original or repainted, you tend to show that you are powerful and authoritative. Extolling a personality that’s private and reserved, black is favored by most gangsters and secret officials or agents of a nation. As a driver, you are aggressive, like a boss. Some people connote the car driver as someone who is competitive and confident.

2. Yellow

If your car is painted yellow, you reflect that you have an aura as bright and attitude as cheery as the morning sun. You are full of energy and someone who’s on the creative side. Therefore, you are seen as one who spends more for car accessories and transforms the car to look differently.

3. Silver

Much like the black car, silver cars are glamorous, especially the really polished and shiny ones. If you own a silver car, you tend to project your image as someone who’s financially stable and satisfied. Your personality generally is spontaneous and you are in control of your life. Additionally, you tend to stick to the classic; hence, you would rather keep the car settings and look as when you first bought it.

4. Red

One of the most common cars we see on the road is red. Fiery and captivating, red cars spell sexiness. As the driver, you are seen as one who’s speedy with bursts of high energy and dynamism. With that sports-car vibe personality, you just have to be more cautious while driving down the road.

5. White

White cars are probably the hardest to clean and maintain. They always have to look pure and spotless. If you have a pure white car and can manage this upkeep, you’re most likely someone who is fussy and super careful. You wouldn’t like cheap car accessories and low branded stuff to put inside your vehicle.

6. Gray

Gray car owners are oftentimes charismatic, sober and serious. These are the corporate folks who do and talk nothing but business and financials. On top of the crowd, they reign independence and don’t care much about the car’s bland color.

7. Green

Known as an environmental-friendly and peaceful color, green is associated with calmness and comfort. Drivers who own green cars are reliable and well balanced. Having a green car then means thriftiness. If you have a green car, you are one who won’t spend for more extra fitments in your vehicle. Also, it has already been over five years since you bought a new car.

8. Blue

Blue is linked to the sea and the waves. It is the epitome of quietness, just the opposite of yellow cars. If your car is blue, you are less likely want to add more fixtures in your car and would rather for the car to be as it is. Blue also depicts timelessness, so just like the green car owners, you wouldn’t trade your car for a new one for half a decade or more.


Cars speak a great deal about its owner’s personality. However you should not take this seriously as this is not true for all instances. Of course, there are always exceptions, and you can only rely on this to make your own judgments. So the next time you see a car and its owner, you can guess if they would buy items to accentuate the beauty and use of their cars and their emotional needs as well through the color.

Stacia Littlefield is a fashionista with a touch of mechanic love for cars – the reason for her to study and deal cars.

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