By now every American has heard about the “fiscal cliff“, which basically means that if Congress & the President don’t agree on a financial budget before the end of the year that a slew of tax breaks that came in under President Bush goes away and everyone’s taxes will immediately go up, as well as multiple programs, which includes the military, get slashed and reduced automatically. That’s how government works; they pass things that go into effect many years later, often when none of them are in office anymore, and leave the mess to others to clean up.

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Ever since the day President Obama was reelected this has been the mantra of the press; “fiscal cliff” this and “fiscal cliff” that. It doesn’t matter which national news station you watch, and these days it’s even starting to permeate local news broadcasts on a nightly basis. Most nights they say the same exact thing; no deal today, then a rehash of what’s coming.

Have you noticed how quiet it is in public whenever someone mentions “fiscal cliff”? For that matter, how often have you heard it outside of media, which includes radio talk shows? Why don’t we care? Should we care?

I’ll answer the second question first. We should care, at least a little bit. An increase in taxes really isn’t a big deal in the scope of things. I hear some people yelling now but if you want something to compare it to, look at the amount of taxes we pay on our phones, cellphones, cable, etc. All of that comes to more than what we’d eventually pay the government on what’s projected to be an increase between 2 and 3%. And remember, that’s on the adjusted figure after your taxes have been figured out, not on your actual income.

In any case it’s not the amount as much as the principle. We don’t like hearing about higher taxes on anything, or higher prices for that matter.

Some of us don’t want to hear about cuts to programs either. Sure, there are people who think there are too many entitlements, but those same people are against reducing anything related to the military and that’s coming. The military, Medicare, Medicaid, education… slashed across the board, nothing’s sacred.

Then why don’t we care? Because when all is said and done we’re tired of it all. We’ve had to deal with the battle on health care, the battle on marriage, the battle on abortion, the battle on the debt ceiling, the battle on Benghazi… We’re just sick of it all. The emotional battles on some of the other subjects have left us tired; who, other than congressional Republicans, actually care about Benghazi at this juncture?

What are we worried about? Paying for food, buying holiday gifts, paying for gas (which has come down luckily), paying higher utility bills to stay warm, the flu, etc. Fiscal cliff? We don’t have time for the next big thing.

I’m sure there’s probably someone who has something to say about it, but they’re going to be in the minority. Right now, I don’t care; what about you?

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