Because of some holiday in Washington D.C., everyone got a brief extension to file their taxes, which are due today. As long as your return has today’s date stamp on it if you file by paper you’re considered as getting your taxes in on time.

In some communities there’s at least one post office that will be open until midnight, giving you some extra hours to do what you’ve waited until the last minute to do. In my area, if people go to the big post office in North Syracuse on Taft Rd they’re open until midnight.

There’s always confusion by some people when it comes to this time of the year as it pertains to making a payment. Let’s face this fact; not everyone is able to actually make a payment, or at least a full payment, on tax day. True, the governments, both federal and state, say you need to make a payment, but if it’s not possible then it’s not possible.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t file paperwork, though. Ignoring it altogether isn’t one of the smartest moves in the world. That’s pretty much tax evasion, even though all of us know someone who doesn’t send their taxes in yearly. But most of those people know they’re getting refunds, and for whatever reason they don’t worry about it, even when they get those letters later on, usually 3 to 6 months later, saying “hey, did you send your taxes in?” They don’t quite say that, but that’s the general meaning.

I always council friends to send something in, even if it’s just paperwork. By doing that you won’t be accused of evasion. You will eventually get a letter asking for the payment if you believed you owed one, but in that instance you just call the number on the letter, set up payment arrangements, and move on. There will be interest and penalties, but at least you were as upfront with things as you possibly could be. It’s always worse to ignore something out of fear; that will give you more grief than you’ll ever want to deal with, especially if your tax liability is kind of high.

So go ahead, send something in, even if it’s just an extension request. By the way, some states have that set up so you can only do it electronically. That’s a pain, but if you’ve waited until today to get it done then it doesn’t matter either way. Good luck!

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