Though I’m a month behind, I want to catch up on my 2009 financial goals to see where things are. Good or bad, goals are what they are, and it’s best to have them so you can at least know what it was you were working towards.

First, here’s my list of goals for 2009:

1. Get caught up on my taxes.

2. Earn back what I lost in my money market account.

3. Put away at least $10,000 in savings.

4. Build up the value in my house more.

5. To finally get ahead of the game.

When the year began, I was earning a nice buck from a consulting assignment; that ended drastically, and thus, it pretty much shut down four of my top five goals. Goal number one was probably the one I really wanted to get out from under, and to my credit, I did at least pay off my 2008 taxes, which was a major accomplishment for me. I’m still under payment plans for some previous years, but that was a nice start.

Because of the economy, I ended up losing almost 43% of the worth of my money market account before I closed it out, and it was a smart thing because the market continued to slide, though I did predict it would start going back up if it hit 6,500, which it did, and the market started going back up. Good call on my part, but I haven’t felt confident enough yet to try to put any of my money back in. That’s because unemployment continues to rise, and then the worry of what’s going to happen with the potential commercial real estate problems.

Skipping number three as a pipe dream, number four was actually kind of weird. While the housing market was crashing all around us, here in central New York it didn’t crash. Instead, it pretty much held steady. But according to Zillow, the worth of my house has increased almost $3,000 since January; go figure. I don’t know how their algorithms work, but I’ll take what I can get.

And, you can pretty much figure out that number five didn’t take place either. I do have income, but nothing like what I need to get ahead of the game. But I’m still in the game, and that’s the most important thing right now.

And that’s a look at my financial goals so far. I still have 5 months to put something better together, and every day is a new chance for great things to happen, so let’s see how things pan out. How are you doing on your goals so far this year?

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