Last week, a news story came out indicating that more workers were doing freelance work these days because it was hard for them to find full time work. The interesting statistic to me was that they estimated the figure is around 26%.

I fully understand this, and I’m living it myself. As a consultant, there are times when you’re waiting for your next contract to come through, but while you’re waiting the only thing happening is your money is draining out of your accounts, and you have nothing else coming in.

Freelancing is a way to help supplement that income, and in some cases surpass your previous income. This isn’t a new concept, by the way. Lorel Lengemeyer of Millionaire Maker fame, always encourages families she works with in overcoming their debt to look within themselves, figure out what other talents they have, then work those talents in some fashion, whether it’s working part time for someone else or creating your own business on the side.

As someone who’s become a master of reinvention, I live and embrace this philosophy. I try to never stay stagnant for too long, lucky that when I’m working on a contract that I make pretty good money, and lucky that, when I find something else to do in the meantime, it’s usually helpful enough cash that helps me get through until the next contract comes around.

So, if you’re looking for some contract work, take a look at this post on some freelance sites you might find of interest, or figure out some other things you might be able to do, then go searching for freelance work in those areas. You never know; you might find a new career that you love.

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