This is the typical year end post for most other people but a little something different from me. I’m only highlighting articles I wrote since I ended guest posting, and I’m also going to mention the top 5 visited posts of the year as well, which if you’re a regular visitor here you already know about.

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The big story for me and Top Finance Blog this year was ending guest posting. While I thank everyone who had a guest post on this blog over the years, the problems of dealing with writers who couldn’t write, writers who wouldn’t come back and respond to comments, and those people who keep trying to send me email asking me to remove their links when they put them here to begin with wasn’t getting it done anymore. So, I’m now the only writer unless I ask someone to write something special, which I hope will occur because there are some brilliant financial minds that I know and believe can write some informative things here.

I also want to reflect on the opening post of 2013, which went live on January 1st of 2013, titled Top 5 Financial Issues To Address In 2013. I stated jobs, health care, housing, credit reform and Congress. Seems I got 4 of the 5 right, although some might want to fight me on Congress, but they did just pass a bipartisan bill after all. And I even got featured on talking about personal finance; not bad if you ask me.

It was an intriguing year, and I can hope for better and more pertinent things in 2014, even if the volume of posts goes down a little bit. But don’t worry; I figure by May at the least we’ll have hit post #900; that will be really cool. With that said, let’s first take a look at my favorite 5 articles of the year:

1. Your Financial Life Is On You – This was my attempt at a wake up call to Americans that we all need to handle our finances better and take care of ourselves because we can’t wait around for the government or anyone else to help us out.

2. Shopping For Great Pharmaceutical Deals Locally – I was glad to write this post because hopefully I alerted people to the fact that they could possibly shop around for pharmaceutical deals in their own hometown and might find some astronomical savings here and there

3. 5 Things Businesses Need To Purchase At The Start – The fastest growing group of businesses are small independent businesses in all sorts of fields. I know most are like me when I started, having no idea what to do at the start and thinking more like working in a large corporation than as an independent business owner. So I tried to offer a little bit of practical advice.

4. Should You Be Investing In The Stock Market – This was the first of 4 months of Mondays of “should you” posts, which I hoped was a clever way to get people thinking about personal finance.

5. 5 Ways To Avoid Payday Lenders – I wrote a few articles this year talking about the dangers and foibles of this industry, which I wholeheartedly distrust, and in this post I slipped in a bit of budgeting talk while castigating them.

Those were my favorite posts of the year. However, the rankings of posts that Google says were the most popular are somewhat different. None of the articles above were on Google’s top 10 most read articles for 2013, but one article made the top 5, and I didn’t write it. It was a post that came out on January 8th of last year titled Being Safe When Shopping Online, and it finished 4th. As a matter of fact, I’ll point you to the list of the top 5 over there to the right, as those 5 articles are listed there. Four of those articles were there last year as well, and the only difference is that I should swap #2 and #3.

That’s that. I hope everyone has a safe New Year’s Eve and a fiscally wonderful 2014.

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