Okay, this one’s personal. Today, one of our local news stations had a report on something I didn’t know was going on, but I should have expected as much. It seems that, because electric consumption has been low because it’s been a fairly temperate summer thus far, our power company, National Grid, has decided that they still have to hit their sales margins. So, instead of allowing us to save money by not using as much electricity, they’ve jacked up the delivery rates.

In one lady’s case, her electric bill for the month was only $125, but they jumped her delivery fee to $195. For another lady, her fees were so high that her bill for the month was almost $500; that’s just ridiculous.

And that’s the problem when you have a monopoly running any industry in the state, or in town. They come up with sneaky things like this that you can’t fight because there’s nowhere else to go. For instance, I signed with a specific company to provide my electricity, which was supposed to save me 15%a a year off my bill. But National Grid delivers the energy, which means they get to negate the savings.

I already had the reality of how National Grid, and other companies like them, set up the rates for our oil. Now it seems that they’ve figured out another way to stick it to all of us.

I wonder if Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is aware of this one. Yeah, he’d have to be. Is it legal? I bet it is. Is it right; heck no! Does this happen everywhere across the country? Well, only some of you can tell me that.

Nope, I don’t like this one bit.