I had other things I was going to write about, but I didn’t want to skip this particular post, so I’ve put some things on the back burner. This is actually post #201, which obviously means I hit 200 posts in just one year, as my anniversary for owning this blog is today, the 7th, which is also the 68th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor; just thought I’d mention that.

It took me about 6 1/2 months to get through those first 100 posts. This time around, it’s taken about 5 1/2 months to get through the next 100. I think 200 posts in one year is pretty good for any blog. It’s got a great Google page rank, and a nice Alexa rank; it may be time to start getting some paid advertising. 🙂

Enough of that; let’s get to the numbers. Let’s first look at my top 5 categories, which is actually 6, for the last 100 posts:

Banking -19

Financial Health – 14 1/2

Credit Cards – 11

Housing Markets – 8

Budgeting – 5

Health Care – 5

Next, my top 5 visited posts, where, oddly enough, the top two were written in the first 100 posts:

My Financial Goals For 2009 – 93

Famous People Who Lost It All – 92

4106 Banks In Trouble; Oh My – 72

Christian Debt Consolidation – 67

Fines For Not Having Health Care Coverage? – 60

Next, the top 5, rather 6, posts with comments; this is pathetic, but it is a finance blog after all:

Are We Victims Of The Energy Scam? – 10

Credit Card Penalizing Consumers Based On Where They Shop – 9

Christian Debt Consolidation – 11

416 Banks In Trouble; Oh My! – 8

Chase Renegs On Credit Card promises – 8

No Public Health Insurance Option Any Time Soon – 8

Now, some quick hitting stats. During the past 100 posts, there were 1,764 visitors; 58.6% of them came from Google. This blog earned $6.97 in Google Adsense money; nothing in any of the other things I’ve promoted here. And my visitors stay an average of a minute and 25 seconds; that means few people are listening, rather want to read instead, and that’s okay with me.

You may wonder why I share statistics like this on a finance blog. I do this type of thing for all of my blogs. I have no worry about disclosing stuff like this, as my overall intention is to generate income online with at least a couple of my blogs. I work hard to give good financial information and commentary here, and I hope you, the readers appreciate it. I’d love to hear more from you, and of course I’d love this blog to hit the heights with visitors and comments. For now, though, we just keep enjoying like and wondering when the economy is going to turn around.