Today I highlight post #400 on this blog, which means a slight diversion from the norm. I think it’s important to look at milestones here and there because one needs to see if they’re sticking to the mission they created when they began something. Let’s take a quick look at a few statistics, shall we?

It has taken 9 months to reach this next 100 posts. That’s 3 months longer than it took to reach #300. This time around, it took a major push by guest posters to help me get to this figure. There were 16 guest posts this period, the most ever, and I appreciate every one of them because they brought not only a unique perspective but a true educational component to financial issues that I might not have thought of. I thank all guest posters during this period, and I know more are to come.

Next let’s look at the categories that most posts ended up in. Here are the top 5:

Housing – 12

Banking – 11

Financial Health – 10

Investing – 6

Debt – 5

It’s always good to highlight the most popular posts as well, hoping it shows the wealth of topics that are covered here and of course giving new visitors the chance to go back and see what types of things we talked about around here. The three in the middle were all guest posts, and 3 of these were on the last list as well. Here are the top 5:

Famous People Who Lost It All – 305

Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Which Card To Choose? – 182

How To Choose An Insurance Company – 128

What Are The Different Factors That Affect Mortgage Rates? – 118

Suze Orman’s Financial Tips – 89

And finally, the blog is now making money, which is nice. I hope some of you find the advertisers on this blog are offering something beneficial to you; I try to be choosy as to the types of advertising allowed here as my main concern is to educate and entertain you, the readers. If there are financial topics you’d like addressed here, just ask. Let’s hope for a very successful next 100 posts are we reach for #500!

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