As the cost of fuel, food, clothing, and services is constantly on the rise, consumers are trying to find creative ways to save money. They are finding it more difficult to keep money in their pockets from one paycheck to the next. Such a dilemma is requiring people to have more strategic financial thought processes and implement their ideas quickly in order to see results.

The following are tips on how a person can take practical steps and actually begin saving money:

Use Alternate Forms of Transportation

There is nothing wrong with a person taking a walk to the corner store instead of driving the household vehicle. In fact walking can save money immediately. Additionally, the person can opt to ride a bicycle if their destination isn’t within reasonable walking range. It doesn’t take a long time to travel one to three miles on a bike. It might also feel good to do so.

Grocery Shop Smarter and Bulkier

Another area where a person can save money is in food costs. The consumer should take more time to think of smart ways to stretch out food and make a list of items that can last a long time. For example, a container of oatmeal can make many more servings than a box of cereal. A bag of beans can go a very long way as well. Eating healthier may also save money, as vegetables are cheaper than meats.

Go Prepaid

Anyone who has cell phones in the house is most likely attached to the service. However, by moving to prepaid service, the consumer has more control of his or her expenses. Most prepaid providers offer cheaper price plans than postpaid companies. Prepaid price plans do not attach ridiculous taxes either. Additionally, there are no contracts involved, so the customer can refuse to pay whenever he or she needs the money for another bill. For instance, if one month a consumer needs the $50 to pay something else, he or she can just use the cell phone money. The phone might go off temporarily, but the person can have it turned back on as soon as he or she makes more cash.

Reduce Insurance

Another way to cut corners and save money is to reduce insurance coverage. For example, if a person has a car that is more than ten years old, he or she could decrease full coverage auto insurance to limited liability insurance. Taking this step will put more money into the consumer’s pocket.

Use Fans Instead of Air Conditioning

Everyone needs to be cool in the summer time. However, air conditioners use a lot of energy. The consumer can save money by using fans in each room instead of air conditioners. Placing the fans in the windows is a good way to keep the air circulating in the house. Not only will it save money, but it will also give the residents exposure to fresh air.

Delete Premium Channels

Anyone who has cable or satellite services can cut their bills down by unsubscribing to premium channels. If the family is not getting much use out of the premium channels, the entire family can save from $16 to $48 per month by canceling them. The consumer can re-subscribe when finances are better.

Work Extra Hours or Odd Jobs

Finally, a person who is really seeking to save money can opt to earn more money. The person could perform any of a wide variety of odd tasks such as mowing lawns, repairing computers, babysitting, writing articles, or fixing appliances. Every penny earned from these odd tasks could go into the savings account.

Victor Abbott is a frugal living and budgeting expert who, with the support of such companies as Discover, is able to travel the US teaching others how to attain financial freedom through fiscal responsibility.

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