At the beginning of the week, I proclaimed that the stock market, most specifically the Dow Jones, was going to go down based on how things had closed on the previous Friday. Therefore, imagine my surprise when the Dow ended the week up close to 400 points.

It’s a funny game, this Dow, and it proves why most of us shouldn’t be in it. The news was so bad leading into the week that I figured there was no way it was going to go up. Even during the week, there was the bad news about Walmart and the negative prognosis about jobs over the next five years. Still, the Dow went up, the price of oil went up, and frankly I don’t get any of it.

Maybe it was the news that health care showed a profit of 56% for 2009 that did it. If that’s the case, then things are much worse off than I could have imagined. I still tend to think it’s a lot of speculation and faith that we’re ready to rebound, and there’s nothing in reality telling me that’s going to occur, but hey, the market went up, people made money, and I guess we’ll just have to accept that as reality.

But I’m still confused as sin.