As a homeowner, you can get a slew of financial benefits from installing a home security system: not only protection of your home and its contents, but also the possibility of a discount on your homeowner’s insurance, lower energy costs if you invest in an integrated monitoring system, and increased value and attractiveness to prospective buyers when the time comes to sell.

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If you are skeptical about the protective value of an alarm system, you might want to take a look at a study conducted by Simon Hakim, a professor at Temple University. He found that homes without an alarm system were up to 5.89 times more likely to be burgled than those with one. And, when burglars do get in, a triggered alarm causes them to get out fast, so the amount lost is an average of $3,266 compared with $5,343 for homes without an alarm.

When choosing an alarm system, it is a good idea to check with your insurance company to make sure you get one that qualifies you for a discount, which can save you around 10 to 15 percent on your homeowner’s policy premiums. Typically, insurance companies like systems that are automatically monitored, but they don’t by any means require you to install the most expensive system. Selecting a basic, monitored system that is approved by your insurance company is a great way to increase the return on your home security investment.

Many modern security systems can be integrated with a variety of home monitoring and management systems. For example, you can monitor and control lighting and thermostat settings to save on energy bills. Other options include detectors for flooding in the basement, water leaks in the roof space, fire, or gas leaks. These are all examples of features that further safeguard your home.

Don’t forget that an alarm is only one part, though a very important one, in making a home secure. Make sure you also take preventive measures, such as installing solid hardwood or steel doors with deadbolts, along with locks or bars on windows.

In addition, you can deter would-be burglars by installing motion-activated lighting, and doing simple things such as putting lights and sound systems on timers so that the house looks and sounds occupied even when nobody is home.

When you put your home on the market, a good security system will always make it stand out against other homes that don’t have one. Prospective buyers will appreciate the fact that the home they are looking at has a feature that will provide them with security and protection, without them having to incur the cost of its installation. Indeed, as the popularity of home security systems has increased, this is a feature more and more home buyers are looking for. If you provide it, it will certainly make your home that much more attractive and easier to sell, and will help buyers make the final decision that yours is the house they want to buy.

In summary, the financial benefits of a home alarm are very considerable, not to mention the peace of mind you and your family will enjoy, knowing that you have taken that extra step towards securing your home. Even if you have dismissed the idea before – or simply not thought about it – now is the perfect time to take a closer look at investing in a home security system.

Dan Muston is driven by a genuine concern for your safety and that of your family. He has over ten years of professional experience in locksmithing and security systems installation in Arizona, California, Florida, and New York. If you have comments or questions about this article, or any aspect of home security, Dan invites you to reach out to him via email at


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