It’s beautiful and it’s sunny but it’s expensive. From holidays to a new weather-appropriate wardrobe, for many Summer can be the priciest season of all. With increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, it is no surprise that people want to make the most of every last sun ray. However with as household debt racks up across many households, it may be time to explore different ways that you can enjoy the sun without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Unfortunately protecting your seasonal finances from the getting into the red takes more than a lick of sun cream and a wide brimmed hat. Nonetheless there some simple but effective measures that you can take to help safeguard your Summer spending.

1) Consider taking a ‘staycation’

The latest holiday trend is unique in the sense that it basically involves staying at home, or at least in your home country. Take a minute to get over your shock. Okay, a staycation has all the fundamentals of a great holiday; spending time with your family, relaxation, doing things that you wouldn’t normally do – just without the hefty expenses of flights and accommodation etc.

Many of us are so busily caught up in everyday life that we overlook the beauty that is on our doorstep. We are often surrounded by popular attractions which we do not seek use of purely because they’re so close to home. Visiting local attractions is a common staycation activity along with camping, picnics, BBQs, local beaches and parks and attending nearby festivals or carnivals. The reality is that swapping your vacations abroad for a staycation could save you thousands. The purpose of a Summer holiday tends to be quality time with the family which is something that doesn’t have to cost you the word.

2)  Slash your bills

Many of us breathe a sigh of relief as soon as the sun comes as we know that it will soon be time to turn the heating off for the season. In addition to this, there are other energy saving provisions that can be made in order to help keep our overheads low.

Turning down the temperature on your shower could not only give you a refreshing blast after a hard day at work but it could also help you to save money on your energy bill. As could making the most of the Sun and hanging your laundry outside to dry in order to help combat the expenses of using the tumble dryer. Air conditioning can be a real drain on the bills as well therefore consider using fans to cool down. Moreover if you are feeling warm inside, remember that electrical appliances such as TVs and computers can often generate a considerable amount of additional heat. Grab your frisbee or your summer read and hit the great outdoors!

3) Grab a summer bargain!

Gone are the days where the big sales only come across once or twice a year. The uncertainty of the economic climate has led to many retailers offering huge seasonal promotions and end-of-season sales being pushed forward to encourage customers to buy items that they can get immediate use from.
With promotions tending to be more relevant to the season, you could find yourself making great savings on the Summer essentials simply by shopping around. It may also be beneficial to stock up on items for next year as end of season sales come in. Suncream and swimwear may be the last things on your mind as it starts to get colder however at bargain prices, they may well be one less financial worry for you the following year.

4) Save what you save!

Four cutbacks which may seem simple could potentially save you and your family hundreds or even thousands (holidays can be a huge expense to many households). Money saved could be put towards meaningful purchases such as a new car, paying off some of the mortgage or buying the family that new computer you’ve all been hoping for. Alternatively you could find a wise saving strategy and watch your money grow.

To reward yourself for a successful saving Summer, you may wish to put an affordable amount into a high interest account for your next vacation abroad. Not only does this help you to see the benefit of your savings but it may also give you and the family something to look forward to! If you are unsure of the best savings option for your circumstances, seeking financial advice could provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

This post was written by John Hughes who is the resident blogger a, a site that provides access to financial information and advisors as well as to free debt advice charities for those struggling with their debts.

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