You’re probably wondering what the topic of recycling has to do with finances. Truth be told, a lot. We all know that recycling is good for our ecology. Those of us who live in states where we get charged for items like soda but can get 5 cents back if we return those bottles know that there’s an economic byproduct of doing so.

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At the same time, there are things we buy that maybe we shouldn’t because it’s bad for our environment, and maybe money can be saved by going in another direction. It’s at least something to think about.

There are things that we can reuse over and over again. When you think about it, even if you buy something that’s not biodegradable, and therefore isn’t a great candidate for recycling, that doesn’t mean that maybe you can’t reuse that item in some fashion.

For instance, are you someone who buys big packages of bottled water? These days, you see a lot of advertisements frowning on people buying bottled water, saying that the plastic the water comes in isn’t always the best to break down and reuse again. That, plus the fact that not all bottled water is anything more special than just tap water.

Usually a pack of water comes with anywhere from 24 to 30 bottles. Why not just reuse all those bottles instead of buying more packages? You pretty much only have to rinse them out and fill them up with more water, put them in the refrigerator and you’re good to go.

I do that with soda bottles, the sturdy ones. I have 18 of them in my refrigerator and I use them over and over until they start getting a bit soft. Then I put them in a plastic bag that my wife returns to get the deposit and start over again. Look at the money I save by not buying bottled water.

Do you get plastic or paper when you go the grocery store? Most people get plastic because it’s easier to carry the plastic bags than it is to carry paper. Paper is better as far as recycling goes, but you can find multiple uses for the plastic bags in your own home.

For instance, if you have a lot of wires sitting in a drawer, you could straighten up that drawer by putting all those wires in a bag. Then go through that door and see what other things you have that you can bunch together and put in a bag. You can make your drawer look better, and make it easier to find things are looking for.

What about things such as shoe boxes or other boxes of similar size? Those are good candidates for recycling, but you can also use those things for storage as well as you can use the plastic bags. As a matter of fact, if you ever hire an organizer that’s something that they’re going to ask you if you have to help you with your record-keeping.

Finally, think about jars. I’m not one of those people who likes to use jars as glasses, but I have been known to take jars with twist on tops, and use them to store things such as screws, money, or any other little things that accumulate. Not only does it make it easier to put everything together, but that you can see through it you always know what it is. True, jars are glass and glass is a great item to recycle, but if you can find a way to use certain glass jars and you’re basically doing your own recycling, and that’s a good thing.

What other ways can you think about that recycles and saves money at the same time?

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