Running your own business can become costly, and it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself spending money on things you didn’t necessarily budget for. In order for any business to survive in the current economic climate, it is absolutely essential to keep an eye on cash flow.  Everyone’s heard of the typical business money advice like setting up a savings account and establishing budgets, but there are lots of other things that you can do to save expenditure in the office that will free up more cash allowing you to save more money and allow your business to grow.

Office supplies

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The costs of office supplies can mount up – whether it’s stationary, furniture or kitchen appliances for staff well-being. So, first of all, to help reduce costs, buy all of your office supplies in bulk.

Printing ink can be very expensive, therefore use recycled printer cartridges and try to cut down on printing wherever possible. Set your printer to a lower quality print and reserve the best quality setting for customers. Also, when it comes to sending your customers invoices or receipts, instead of printing them and sending them manually, email them across – it’s much quicker and cheaper!

Consider buying second hand furniture – you might be thinking “I don’t want anyone’s scrappy cast offs” but there is plenty of good quality furniture around that many businesses are getting rid of – so do your research and shop around and you could find yourself a real bargain.

Electricity usage

You’ve been told a thousand times before, but you’ll be surprised just how many businesses still don’t turn their electrics off at the end of a working day. It doesn’t take long and with energy prices continually on the increase, it can save you a significant amount of money over time.

Furthermore, instead of kitting your office out with lots of PC’s, consider investing in laptops as they are generally much more energy efficient. What’s more, laptops have the added benefit of employees being able to take them home to work. Allowing employees to occasionally work from home is a great way to reduce electricity costs in the office and they will have the incentive of saving money on transport costs to and from work.

Office safety

Obviously, it is essential that your office is a safe place to work for you and your employees, but it doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune to make sure it is. For example, every year, lots of businesses go out of their way to hire an overpriced professional electrician to routinely check the safety of all of their electrics – when actually this is something that you can do yourself. Although the initial cost of electrical test equipment may seem high, they are well worth the investment and will save you money in the long run.


Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising – and it’s free!  Ask any of your customers that are happy with your products/services to advertise for you by asking if them if they can spread the word.

Furthermore, if you use Google reviews as part of your online marketing strategy, ask your customers to complete a positive review. Reviews are very important as 53% of customers will research a product online before they purchase it and they often provide essential information that help new customers to decide between you and the competition. This will demonstrate to potential new customers that you are committed to delivering great customer service and will make you appear more trustworthy.

Implementing these money saving tips into your business are not only easy but can help you save you a significant amount of money in the very competitive and tough economic climate.

This article was written by Laura Harrison on behalf of ISSWWW. ISSWWW are suppliers of electrical test equipment and instrumentation.

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