Your credit card has all types of benefits that you probably don’t know about. When most people apply for them they want to get ones that will give them great cash-back deals, but forget to look at benefits other than cash-back rewards. If you already have a credit card or are applying for one in the near future, be sure to read the fine print and you’ll see a list of benefits you would have never known about.



Cancellation Coverage: Let’s say you have a trip planned and had a worst-case-scenario come up right before you left. All that money went down the drain right? Wrong. If your credit card has travel cancellation insurance, they will reimburse you up to $2,500. Only a few credit cards offer this coverage and fewer cards will cover flight delays. You can only be eligible for your trip cancellation coverage if your plane ticket was purchased on the credit card that offers the cancellation insurance.

Each company is different, but your travel cancellation coverage will only be validated if you have a death of an immediate family member or serious medical illness or injury. In the case of medical illness or injury, you will have to provide the airline with a doctor’s note for proof. Pre-existing conditions and war outbreak in desired destination will not be covered.

Free Currency Conversion

When you travel abroad, the biggest pain is getting currency conversion fees. Some credit card companies take advantage of this and will add a 1 to 3 percent fee on everything charged oversees. If you do a lot of business or travel in other countries frequently, it might be best to have a credit card that doesn’t charge for foreign transaction fees.

Travel Assistance: If you are in another country and need medical or legal help, your credit card company will provide resources to help with any problems you might run into. There are several exceptions to this perk, like you must have previous trip expenses charged on the credit card so be sure to read through your company’s policy before leaving the country.


Guaranteed returns: If the store, where you purchased an item at, will not give you a refund or you missed the return-by deadline, your credit card will refund your purchase. All you have to do is simply have the item in its best shape, in the original packaging and with a receipt. Each credit card varies as to how much they will refund per item, but you can find cards that offer up to $500 per item.

Discounted Shopping: According to the report How America Shops and Spends, 53 percent of Americans have shopped online. A lot of people find it easier to shop in the comfort of their own home and purchase items online. Credit card companies make online shopping more appealing by offering exclusive discounts to their customers. The list of stores that are included can be found on each credit cards website. Discounts include restaurants, entertainment, gifts, apparel, electronics, travel and more.

Price Protection: Price protection is a great service for serious shoppers who are always on the lookout for cheaper deals. If you purchase an item and find the same item at a lower price somewhere else within 60 days, your credit card company will refund you the difference. Some credit cards will refund you up to $250 an item. There are exceptions to price protection that may exclude items like mobile phones and cars and they will not validate sales found online, seasonal sales or close-out sales. Most of the time your credit card company will require the advertisement for proof of the lower price.

Extended Warranty: If you encounter once of your appliances or electronic devices that is in need of repairing or replacing after an expired warranty, your credit card will cover a good chunk of the cost. Because these items can be more on the pricey side, your credit card will sometimes cover up to $10,000. Each credit card has exceptions to items they will not cover or replace so be sure to ask your credit card company. Also, even though your damage or replacement will be taken care of, don’t expect to have immediate service. All of this might take weeks or months to be taken care of.

24-Hour Free Concierge Service

Your credit card company’s concierge service can score you great seats to a concert and might even be able to offer you preferred seating or presale tickets. While it’s hard for everyone else to get into big events, you can have someone else do all the hard work for you for free. This might not be able to get you discounted tickets, but you’ll have a better chance of getting better seats before the general public. These services will sometimes include reservations for popular restaurants or purchases of hard-to-buy items. You will be surprised what they can find for you.

Take advantage of your credit cards extra perks; it can save you time, money and headaches and it’s all for free!

Amber Singh is a credit expert and writer for, which encourages people to understand credit and manage money in order to attain good credit.

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