It’s been another tough financial week, and now it’s the weekend, so we’d like to wind down a little bit. Let’s start off with this:

Of course we know what this is all about, and I love how someone, I’m not quite sure who, came up with this poster about our favorite crook from 2008, possibly for all time, Bernie Madoff. Of course, I haven’t updated on him in a long time, but suffice it to say that the axe is finally coming down on a lot more targets than just him specifically.

They’ve finally decided to go after Madoff’s accountant, David Friehling, who ran a small storefront firm in a suburb of New York, and only had Madoff as a client for many, many years. Friehling is out on $2.5 million personal recognizance bond secured by four properties. He was charged with fraud on March 18 after authorities said his audits of Bernie company were fake. He wasn’t charged with direct knowledge of the scheme; really?

Madoff’s car has been seized, as well as his yacht, and his Mets tickets went on sale a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t realized baseball had gotten so expensive; over $83,000 for Mets season tickets? The Mets?!?!? Okay, I like the Mets, so I’m having a little fun, but really! And authorities have said that others may now sue his estate and take out liens against all properties, including those of his wife, who keeps saying her money should be separate from her husband’s. And just how did she make that kind of money? Details at 11; lol.

They’re also starting to go after his brother, Peter, who’s been tooling around in a $235,000 Aston Martin living the high life. We all know that, pretty soon, they’ll be going after the kids, because no one believes they couldn’t have known, since they worked at the company themselves.

So, it’s finally all starting to take on a bit more reality, which doesn’t depress me at all. It’s still not enough, but it’s a start. I’m not necessarily pleased to go after a 73-year old privileged man and his family like this, but making them poor like they’ve made so many other people suddenly poor,… that’s just desserts.