This is almost a stupid question because everyone needs to know how to handle their finances. However, when one thinks about it we understand that some people are actually pretty good at handling their money, even growing their money, whether they need to live within their means or can splurge from time to time.

We're saving all our money to make a new Death Star
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This begs the question as to just who needs help and who doesn’t. That’s what this post is for. Before I go too deep though, let’s talk about financial counseling.

There’s different kinds of financial counseling. One is how to grow money; we’re not going to talk about that type in this article. There’s another talking about how to get out of debt. We’re not going there either, but we will touch on it in our recommendations. The one we’re going to talk about is personal finance overall; paying bills, budgeting one’s money and saving money when possible. Do you need financial counseling on this front? Let’s find out:

1. Do you worry about paying your bills but have a full time job or work for yourself? Any time you worry about paying your bills you might need some financial counseling unless you know how to budget your money.

2. Do you know how to budget your money? Addressed above, but if not then you probably need to talk to someone to get a handle on things.

3. Can you pay your bills? This is a different question than the first one because you might know that you don’t make enough money to pay everything and still have money to eat or put gas in your car. If this is the case you either need financial counseling or a second job.

4. Are your credit card balances going up? You might have enough money but buy everything you want via your open credit options. Even rich people need to learn when this isn’t smart, thus you might need some counseling on spending money responsibly.

5. Are your outstanding credit balances going down? You may stop spending at some point but if your balances aren’t really going down all that much you might need a plan, and thus you might need some counseling.

6. Are you saving any money at all? For this one it doesn’t have to be a bank account, although that’s pretty safe. I save money in two ways. One, I save half of my change by putting it away in the house. I also take out so much money from my pay and store it in the house somewhere in case something important comes up and I can’t access an ATM.

7. Are you getting collection calls? This can be scary. Unless you can pay them off you might need counseling.

8. Can you pay all your bills, eat fairly well, go out for a bit of entertainment every once in awhile and feel pretty good? Then you’re probably fine and know what’s going on. However, you probably know something about handling your money or maybe you’re already getting financial advice. Good for you; go buy yourself a cookie. 🙂

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