The 2012 shopping season is fast approaching, but this year you will be prepared for the holiday season. On the day after Thanksgiving, as the nation prepares for the Black Friday predawn bargain shopping at malls, department stores and online, join the masses with an extra weapon. Transform your smart phone into a personal finance manager this holiday season by utilizing the following apps.


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Organize all of your bank accounts along with your cash, credit and debit transactions using the free Mint app. For the holidays, set up your shopping budget to keep track of how much you are spending on each person. As you enter your transactions, Mint automatically deducts the amounts from your bottom line so there is no guessing or going over your actual limit. You can also arrange for bill paying reminders and alerts to ensure that you are never late again, which diminishes those exorbitant late fees.


Keep track of your spending by storing your paper and digital receipts using OneReceipt. This app uses the camera feature to capture an image of paper receipts. Any e-receipts you get will automatically be added to your account. Store your receipts in the cloud, so if you lose or damage your smartphone or tablet you can access your receipts from another device. Best of all, OneReceipt is free.

Pageonce – Money and Bills

This personal finance app allows you to organize all of your accounts, such as your credit cards and savings accounts, in a single place. You can use Pageonce – Money and Bills to pay your bills online saving you time and money. In addition, set up limit alerts so you never dip below your credit limit or checking account balance.


Get your finances in order using this simple yet secure personal finance app. Organize your transactions for the holiday season in categories according to gift recipient so you know exactly how much you’ve spent on each person. Take advantage of the secure system that requires passwords, which prevents unwarranted eyes from checking out your account information. Just like OneReceipt, you can use the cloud to store your information using Moneybook.

Mobile Checkbook

Thanks to the Mobile Checkbook app, you will have one less thing to keep track of when you leave your house. This app allows you to record checking transactions and keep your budget on track while you are on the go. Use the app to see what your current balances are, so you are never spending more than you should. You can also use this app to keep track of more than one bank account.

Will you use other apps to help you organize and keep yourself on budget this holiday shopping season? Share your wealth of knowledge in the comments below!

Writer Miranda Brumbaugh is a former BlackBerry user and current iPhone addict. She uses apps to keep organized and in touch with clients during her frequent travels.

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