Did you know that the Department of Justice had sued Visa, Mastercard and American Express on our behalf, and is still battling American Express in court? Yup, about two months ago the DOJ sued all 3 companies for basically trying to ice out any competitors, including store cards, from competing against them through some of […]

When you are comparing credit cards, are you putting the right amount of emphasis on the credit card merchant? The card merchant is not always the bank issuing the credit card, and when you are comparing a Visa card to a MasterCard to an American Express card, you may not be clear about whether the […]

The latest figures relating to the performance of credit card loans, from issuers including Capital One Financial Corp. (COF) and American Express Co. (AXP), suggest that consumers are still troubled, and losses branching from souring credit card loans remain high. Analysts say that recent trends show the market is headed for a peak in delinquencies […]