Last year there were more bank closures than there were in 2009, which was a horrible year. The last time I talked about bank closures, which was around the middle of February, there were 18 closures, and by the end of the month there were 23 for the first two months of the year. Since […]

Is the economy starting to stabilize? Some statistics say yes, some are questionable. I figure one quick way to take a quick pulse reading is to look at bank closures so far in 2011. To date, we’re sitting at 18 banks that have been closed. Last year at this time we had only 16 banks […]

The bad news is that we’re now sitting at 149 banks that have been closed in 2010. That exceeds the 140 banks that were closed last year with five weeks still go to. The good news is twofold. One, no banks closed this week, though this is Thanksgiving week. Two, analysts really believe that the […]

In a recent news article, it was reported that banks will also start laying off people as the economy struggles to recover. It’s not just American banks, but banks across the United States. The article mentioned that around 330,000 employees have already been let go because of the financial mess, but believes there will be […]

Many states are trying to work their way out of what’s been deemed a housing industry crisis. To say that things have been bad across the country would be an understatement. In 2009, the top housing markets were those that weren’t in a freefall, including my home area of Syracuse, which was flat yet considered […]

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