It’s hard not to dump on Bank of America, so I’m not even going to try to stop myself. If anyone ever needed to feel better about themselves, all they need to do is look at the mess that always seems to come at their expense. One of the largest banking systems in the world […]

Bank of America has a terrible 2011. They had to give up a lot of their foreclosures, got bad press because they tried to raise rates on checking and the use of debit cards, and their stock price fell so low that it almost went below $5 a share. I haven’t been a big fan […]

Bank of America seems to be imploding. From the time when they were first bailed out until last week when they announced they were laying off around 40,000 employees, they’ve struggled to get back to the prominence they held before things started to go haywire. Not that no one believes they didn’t know what was […]