Good personal financial habits are just that: they are habits. They are practices that you master over time. They are methods you use to control your impulses, to become an informed and thoughtful consumer. Making good buying decisions means consider every aspect to the transaction, including how you’re choosing to pay. According to some recent […]

There was a story on today regarding what’s coming as it pertains to credit cards, and none of it is good news. Some of what the story talks about I’ve addressed here in different stories, while some things are new. In essence, he has six points, which I’m going to list here, and I […]

Originally posted 11/8/08 With credit card companies cutting limits and closing accounts, many are finding that they are going to be forced into using cash and debit cards more often this holiday season. Using your debit card or checking account for online purchases is generally not advised, however. If you find yourself in a situation […]

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