I tell you, it’s so strange trying to figure out finances and the stock market sometimes. The story about JP Morgan Chase gives us a dichotomy of fortunes that are somewhat incomprehensible when you’re trying to understand how some of these people who play the stock market think. Chase stated that they had a profit […]

I know that some people believed I was sounding a very negative death knell against the credit card industry last year. I went fairly easy on American Express because, after all, it’s not associated with any banks and their practices, for the most part, have been pretty fair. But for everyone else who has a […]

It seems it’s not enough that black people are having it rougher than anyone else when it comes to unemployment. Now it seems that black and Hispanics are both having a tough go of it when it comes to getting fair mortgage rates. A Federal Reserve report came out showing that 54.7% of black borrowers […]

Good news finally from the banking world. Both Bank of America and Chase today announced that they were rolling back some of the most punitive fees on overdrafts in the county. Bank of America announced that they wouldn’t charge overdraft fees for being overdrawn less than $10, and would offer customers the option of opting […]

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